Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day 5 6/7/07

10:00 am
British Museum

Today we started the day off by meeting at the British Museum. When we all arrived we walked in together to look at to Rosetta Stone by which I was amazed with how intact and unweathered it was. We then had time to go off and explore the Museum on our own. A bunch of us spent time looking at the exhibit on the history of coinage and currency and we were able to handle some of the oldest coins in the world.

1:30 pm
Greyworld visit

This afternoons visit to Greyworld was definately one of the most inspiring visits yet. Greyworld is a firm made up of only three young designers; yet their go getter attitude and belief that producing any creative idea they think of is possible, if you work hard at it, made me feel as if I could fly to the moon. Greyworld mainly produces urban installations in public places for the publics pure entertainment, but they made it big with their Bia project made up of rising balls on cables in the London stock exchange. Since so many of Greyworlds projects require a great amount of engineering work, I figured they all must have some sort of engineering background. However; what I found most inspiring about these three people is that none of them have an engineerng background at all, and they dont let this stop them from carrying out the creative projects they think of. Instead they make an effort to find the right people to help them, which often at times are engineers, tired of their repetitive schedule and thrilled to take part in one of Greyworld creative projects.

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