Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day 7 6/9/07

10:00 am
Design Museum

Today was an amazing day. We started off our day late to the design museum because three tube lines were shut down; however, it all worked out perfectly because as it turns out the designer featured in the special exhibit we were planning on attending arrived at the museum right before we did to have lunch in the cafe and to sketch out his new ideas. Bill being the charmer he is approached the world famous designer, Luigi Colani, introduced himself, and asked if he would being willing to talk with us briefly. It turns out that Colani ended up walking us around the whole exhibit of his work and spoke to us about every piece featured. He was extremely friendly and gave us over an hour long indepth tour of the exhibit explaining his process behind every piece. This designer has got to be super human for designing and creating all these spectacular ground-breaking products, and vehicles. Responsible for redesigning products such as the canon camera to military airplanes Colani has applied elements seen in nature especially sea animals to his designs making him the leading inventor of biodesign.

12:00 pm
Lunch at Borough Market

After the Design Museum Bill gave us all 5 pounds to spend at Borough Market for lunch. Borough Market was a food lovers heaven and definately the best outdoor space I have been in yet. Borough Market features hundreds of venders selling home-made delicious foods and drinks native to the area as well as from areas all throughout Europe.

2:00 pm
Tate Modern

After Borough Market we walked along the river to the Tate Modern, which was the biggest museum I have ever seen. It was quite intimidating/overwhelming especially after such a loaded day; however the girls and I enjoyed the Dali and the Helio Oiticica exhibit, then rested on the couch with Bill for about an hour before heading home.

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