Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 2 6/4/07

10:00 am
Orientation at the Delaware Center in London

1:00 pm
Surrealist Exhibit at the V&A
Great exhibit! I was unaware that surrealism and surrealist artists in general took on so many various art forms and mediums. Dalis jewelry was beautiful, extremely intricut, yet racey (especially the starfish).
I was unaware Max Ernst had an alter ego which came through in much of his work and I found very interesting. My favorite piece of his was definately the bed he designed and constucted to trigger your dreams and subconcious. It looked very magical and almost surreal do to its massive and elaborate structure and frame. I wanted to lie in it and test it out.

3:00 pm talk with the guys from NB studio about V&A catalogue design
It was real cool to see the design process between these three men in creating the new V&A catalogue and their concept for the cover design. At the end of the talk they showed us their whole portoflio of some of their other work. I thought it was pretty solid and I appreciated their respect of typography breaking it down to being simply about clarity and simplicity.

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