Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day 9 6/11/07


10:00 British Library

We just returned home from the British Library for lunch and I was really impressed with all it had to offer. A typography professor from Central St. Martins gave us a quick tour of the library and then we attended an exhibit entitled “Sacred” within the library gallery. Attending this exhibit was a pleasant surprise for me. The show was about the three religions Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and did a really good job summing up the origins of these three religions while showing their strong relations to one another. The old scrolls, texts and prayer books written in Hebrew mainly captivated my attention. Having studied Hebrew for many years it was really fascinating to be able to read these ancient texts. The craft of the writing was unreal to me how precise and neat these scribes could continuously write.
In addition, I was very interested in the space design of the exhibit, along with the audio architecture. Pentagram introduced this term to me the other day. I never really thought about how much goes into designing the audio for a space but it actually is a full on profession. It definitely interests me seeing that I have always had a passion for playing and writing music and recently have begun to incorporate it in my design work. I was also really interested in how the artist set up the space in “Sacred” with numerous soft, and sheer curtains to divide up the space, but also with intentions to project beautiful abstract images to further add to the soft ambiance and calming mood of the room.

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