Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day 8 6/10/07

Free Day

Today is our second free day and unfortunately we all have seemed to of come down with something. Last night we all went to the world famous Ministry of Sound night club. It was definately an experience; however, a one time experience for me. Not really my scene, but I am glad we all went together. A group of us left the open till 7 am club around 3:00 am (which was actually early) and ended up getting home after the second group because we took the bus in the wrong direction for 30 minutes and walking home from the bus stop in the mear daylight was definately an experience as well.

Anyways today we are all sick with some sort of cold, but regardless, I decided I needed to get out and do something on my own so this afternoon I went to Hyde Park. The park is the biggest in London, by the river and has plenty of paths to walk on and many beautiful flower gardens. I am glad I got away today and has some "me time."

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