Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 3 6/5/07

10:00 am
Trend Forcasting Methodologies
Trend Union

Today we visited a trend forcasting firm named Trend Union which creates trend books for a range of clients in the fashion and textile industry, and in the fields of architecture, automotive, cosmetics and interiors. A man named Phillip spoke to us about how the company was started and where their inspiration originates. In the end of the presentation he showed us a reel or a visual and audio version of their trend book for winter 2009.

Phillip stated that all trends have an origin and that their trends are inspired by the publics needs and desires. However, I am more likely to believe that Trend Union sets the styles and trends then uses their books and reels as a sort of way to brainwash their clients and then the public into believing their is reasoning behind these new trends; that the new colors, patterns, textures etc have become trendy by the public for rational, yet subconcious reasons.

I found it interesting yet scary how much power this one firm has. I was shocked to learn that even small companies like frozen food companies will question trend union on what flavors, colors, and foods people are going to desire in the next year.

I guess somebody needs to set the trends. I just wish Trend Union wouldn't try so hard to reason the trends they set when in reality its all just superficial.

3:30 pm
BBH (Bartle Bogle Hagerty)
Later today we visited BBH an advertising firm located in a really nice, higher class, part of the city a few blocks from the Oxford Circus tube stop. A young creative team just a few years out of college that works for the firm talked to us about their process in making commercials and about advertising in London in general. I was interested to learn that most design and advertising students are hired out of college in teams, and that most students team up by their senior year, generally one student taking on the more creative end of the bussiness and the other working more as a copywriter. BBH in particular is a firm made up of 25 teams of 2.

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