Monday, August 6, 2007

Day 13 6/15/07

12:30 Baseline Magazine

This morning we took the train out to the country of London to East Mulling UK to visit the owners of Baseline Magazine in a beautiful mid 16th century house. Baseline Magazine was created in 1997 and concentrated at the time on typeface design. This magazine tries to maintain individuality in typesetting design and layout for example in the grid structure of the typesetting. The magazine serves more as a keepsake compared to other design magazines with its unique large size, jacket which folds out into a poster, and a that binding allows the reader to keep page spreads open. There is a variety in page colors, textures, papers, and typesetting from page to page allowing the reader to gain inspiration and be exposed to numerous different layout styles in one issue making the magazine a valuable reference tool for designers.

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