Monday, August 6, 2007

Day 19 6/2107

10:30 John Brown Publishing

Today Jeremy, the creative director of John Brown Publishing spoke to us about the work they produce how they cater to their diverse list of clientele. Their clients range from Disney and kids magazines to more classy clients such as food illustrated and Carlos, a magazine for the upper class customers aboard Virgin Atlantic. He described how the design of a magazine geared toward customers of a bank who earn over a certain amount a year will most likely appear more elegant, classy and less pushy in a marketing sense than a magazine geared toward the middle class such as food illustrated. I loved the firm’s idea for a children’s encyclopedia entitle “Pick me up.” It’s an interactive book that works similar to a website in that one sections leads the reader to another through directions similar to hyper-links. Jeremy gave us good advice on handling client’s briefs when he said, “It’s not whether a company client has a creative brief, it’s what you do with it that makes the piece creative. You can have a dull brief by a client but you can still pull highly creative but simple piece out of it.”

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