Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 23 6/25/07

12:00 London College of Communication

I really enjoyed our visit today to the London College of Communication. We got to see their undergraduate student show which I found very inspiring and definitely gained some ideas for projects I want to explore in the fall. I noticed many students in the show did a great amount of socially responsible projects to increase awareness in their community in the form of posters, books even instillation art. I particularly appreciated the project one student did on bottled verses tap water, the harmful consequences of water bottles to the environment, and the surprisingly sterile quality of tap water. The book and overall package design for a guide geared to new mother’s of a child with down syndrome was also really inspiring and I would love to do a similar project for woman in battered woman shelter’s. The LCC also has a great motion graphics department and this also inspired me to do more work in this medium. I thought it was really nice of them to hand out free DVD’s of all their work as well.

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