Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 29 7/1/07

What a day…

So where even to start…well right now Alex and I are sitting in Girona, Spain airport. It’s 5:15 pm and were suppose to be home in London at 12:00 am this morning. Somehow however; (probably our own stupidity) OR (could have been a glitch in the system) our reservations got messed up. Bottom line, we were not on the list for the 10:05 pm flight last night. Instead, we were scheduled to fly home on the July 27th 2007. Only reason I think this may be a glitch is because several other girls apparently had the same problem earlier that day according to the customer service worker. Anyways, to make this situation even more convenient (total sarcasm) 40 minutes prior to finding out I wasn’t going home that night, and right before we were all in a frantic rush to get our tickets for the last bus to the airport from the metro station, I realized my wallet was missing from my bag. Due to noticing the hectic chaos of rush hour while traveling the metro, I noticed my wallet in my canvas bag. At that point I took it out and made sure to hide it under my other items in the bag so no one would be able to take it out. Apparently I would have been better off not even moving my wallet because someone must have saw me doing this and used their pick pocket skills to snatch it out of my bag as we were all scrambling out of the train. I knew the situation was sketchy from the moment we were about to step on the crowded car, because two man were arguing in Spanish and I believe, from what Jill and I could understand, one man claimed the other had stolen his wallet. According to Jill the “thief” then pushed the screaming man out of the car.
Regardless, this all happened so fast and we were all so flustered, tired, and in a rush to catch the bus to the airport. I thought I was being extra careful, but apparently not careful enough and next time I will put my wallet in a purse under my shirt like many travelers due. Anyways I lost 20 Euro, my bus ticket home from Heathro, 2 credit cards, my license, student ID and most painfully my $300 tube pass for the month. But hey it happens and I did my best to laugh it off with everyone and make the best of it on the way to the airport.
After all that, I was ready to leave London, but little did I know, 24 hours later I would be sitting in the same spot in the airport with Alex. Alex and I overall had to pay some odd $290 Euro together for a new ticket for 10:05 pm on July 2nd 2007. We wanted to be cheap and just sleep in the airport, but our parents convinced us not to and as it turns out the airport closes at 11:00 pm anyways. Sooo, we hiked across the street to the hotel Vilobi and booked the last room, which we thankfully got after being told by the attendant that there were no more rooms for the night and no other hotels in the area. We laughed it off, bought a “gourmet” dinner from the Airport café and watched dubbed American movies in Spanish on our 8-inch hotel T.V.
I didn’t sleep much that night, but today we got up fairly early and made the best of our entire extra time in Spain by taking a bus to the city of Girona. What looked unpromising as we stepped off the bus at the station, turned out to be the most beautiful little city I have seen in Europe yet. We had a lovely day of exploring and eating lunch and to be honest at this point I don’t think we missed out on too much in London today. In Girona, the language is mainly Catalan and nothing was in English, which was pretty exciting. For the most part, people who speak Catalan speak Spanish as well so we were able to practice our Spanish. Now we have 5½ hours till our flight which is going to be a long wait but there is no doubt in my mind this duo wont make the best of it. Thank god Alex is with me to experience this crazy 24 hours.

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