Monday, August 20, 2007

Day 34 7/6/07

Friday-Court 1

We were woken up at 6:00 am by the Stewards to start cleaning up and moving in line to the stadium. At 11:00 am we finally had a mad rush into the stadium to buy our tickets. Since we were the first in line and the steward’s favorite "happy campers" we received the special treatment and were let in the gate first. Jill, Jilliam A, Jessie and I teamed up and got 4 tickets next to each other in row 4. The seats were amazing and I never thought I would ever sit so close to the players at any sporting event. I felt like I was almost sitting on the grass court. We watched the Bagdadis and Bodjovitch match, which was a great one to see because the two players were such a good match. It lasted 5 hours and went into overtime.

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