Monday, August 6, 2007

Day 18 6/20/07

10:00 writing workshop with Wendy

Wendy does writing for the Web and radio as well as some journalism work but her writing specializes in design and culture specifically fashion. She likes the challenge of radio because she has to paint the picture for people when telling a story strictly through words and no visuals. She believes the best radio features are on a simple topics or ideas; however contain a thread that connects the whole story. Writing for the radio according to Wendy includes investigation, research and then the freedom of creativity in producing the short and sharing your research. Wendy gave us great advice on writing for the radio; however, was also extremely inspiring for her diversity of occupations and life experiences. Not only is Wendy a writer, but she has done fashion show production work as well as PR work for a burlesque company working as their media liaison officer.

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